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Welcome to the JustaXnet BBS Network homepage. JustaXnet is a very friendly FTSC compatible BBS
network  where the name of the game is to have fun.

As of now the network has been taken over by Sean Rima who will be administrating the network and
maintaining it as well.  Sean brings a lot of experience to the scene and will certainly do well

JustaXnet is a small BBS Network compared to some, but we have a great time none the less. We have boards connected through out North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East and we're still growing. Besides direct land line connections, we also offer mail via FTP and Transx (Email attach) for those systems that support that mode of mail transfer. This keeps mail costs low and mail traffic high. We are a great network, free, promote BBS'n and have a lot of fun in the process.

If you're looking for a fun network to have on your bbs, you'll like JustaXnet. Why the name? Well, when asked, "What's the Network all about?";, I really didn't have an answer, my reply was ";We're Just-a-net";. It stuck and here we are.

We are too running a Gaming BBS League 510 for nodes, and with several fun games for BBS users to try out. Like to hear more about the League 510 for JustaXnet? Then try the link to the League site!!

JustaXnet have now 2 leagues and 2 zones in it, The first zone and league is the normal 510, the new extra zone and league is 539, this is for nodes there like to do both league 510 and 539 ...

Join and practical the new extra Zone as node and do the league 539 games, then grap the leatest information pack and use the application from this..!!


Why beat our brains out over a name?

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