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 JN_CHAT ... Gated
JustaXnet General Chat Echo.  A busy place to communicate with others all over the world!

 JN_COMPUTER .... Gated
General BBS, Programming and Computer problems support forum.

JustaXnet Cooking Echo, a place to pass around your favorite recipes or ask questions about cooking.

JustaXnet Current Events Echo

 JN_EARTH ... Gated
JustaXnet Earth and Climate discussions.

 JN_ECP ... Gated
Justa wacky and fun place to hang out with fun people.  ECP  stands for electronic costume
party ....  or come as you are!

 JN_ENTERTAIN .... Gated
JustaXnet TV/Movies, Books, and Music discussions

 JN_FILES ... Gated
Announce the latest new files on your board!

 JN_FILE_FIND ... Gated
A file find echo to find the file you need or want.

 JN_GAMES ... Gated
JustaXnet - ZeNet Interbbs Games Discussions Echo

Discussions about herbs and their usage.

JustaXnet Humor Echo ( Rated PG-13 Please )

 JN_OTHERNETS ...  Gated
JustaXnet  Advertise your Message Network here!

 JN_PETS ... Gated
JustaXnet  pets discussions

JustaXnet Shopping Center ( Buy\Sell\Trade)

 JN_SPORTS ... Gated
JustaXnet Sports Echo. A place to talk about your favorite sport or team.

JustaXnet Sysop Chat Echo. All Sysops/All Nets OK!

JustaXnet Message Testing Echo

 JN_TRIVIA ... Gated
Test your Trivia Knowledge in this Echo

 JustaXnet File Distribution Areas

JustaXnet Weekly Nodelist Distribution

JustaXnet Application Packages

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