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By completing this form you are agreeing to the rules and guildlines set forth in JUSTANET.ZIP and are stating you are ready to recieve a minimum echomail feed and personal fidonet style netmail.
In order to get you started right, please make sure that you fill out every question completely and correctly as possible! If a question does not apply, enter N/A for Not Applicable.

Real Name: 
Voice Phone #: 
BBS Phone #: 
E-Mail Address: 
BBS Name: 
BBS Software: 
Date BBS Started: 
FrontEnd Mailer: 
Mail Processor: 

Computer Type
PC (non-Pentium)  PC Pentium 
Macintosh  Amiga 
Operating System 
Windows 3.1x  Windows 95  Windows 98  Windows 2000  Windows XP :
Windows NT  Windows Vista  Windows 7  Linux  OS/2 
DOS  Mac 
Internet Dialup Software? 
Windows 95/98 Dialup Adapter  Windows NT RAS 
Modem Brand?
Modem Speed? 
14.4  28.8  33.6  56K  Cable 
Modem Flags?
Modem Flags: 
I Would Like To Participate In? 
Echomail  File Distribution 
Barren Realms Elite (BRE)  Falcons Eye (FE) 
The Arcadian Legend (TAL)  InterLord (ILord300) 
IBBS Blackjack  Gac Freecell 
Gac Wahoo  Lord 400a 
Transfer Format? 
FidoNet (Dialup)  TransX (Internet)  Irex (Internet)  FTP (Internet) 
TransX - Irex Address?
TransX Address: 
TransX Password: 
Additional comments about your System or any Questions you have about setting up JustaXnet on your system?


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